Oh, hiiiii

My name is Liv and I started this blog to write about living the unconventional life – either by chance or by choice. Or, in my case, both.

In recent years I’ve learnt that, for a number of reasons, it’s pretty good Liv_PJto chat to people going through similar experiences, whether it’s because they have good advice or maybe YOU are the one with the 101, or simply because it’s nice to know we’re not alone.

Whatever you’re feeling or experiencing, there is definitely someone out there who sympathises!

So , after a couple of years in Struggletown (I mean, I’m still there! but it’s no longer unfamiliar territory), here are some words of both wisdom and stupidity for you guys, my imaginary readers. Either to keep you entertained or make you feel good about yourselves knowing that there’s someone out there fucking things up on a higher level.