Off track Sunday

This is a bit of a poor attempt at a post but I just wanted to make a record of today before I left it for later and that later never came because procrastination.

I’m not quite sure why but I was on the weirdest vibe this Saturday so I didn’t do much, just kind of kept to myself which is actually not the brightest idea when you’re feeling like that. But at least I made myself go for a walk and food shopping as it was a beautiful day – and fuck knows it’s been too grey for too long!

Anyway…I had scheduled a Sunday brunch with a couple of friends after many attempts we had at getting together so couldn’t back off.

Woke up early, showered and all that and, again, the most gorgeous day, warmth, and the place was about a 15-20min walk
so there I went…while yesterday I was in no mood to see people, today I was glad I did. People were gorgeous and friendly and happy…great vibe!

They do hipster too!

Brunch was fantastic! We just had a really pleasant couple of hours, effortless, no small talk, easy…just what the doctor prescribed. And The Dynamo in Putney has not only great food but fantastic service and a friendly atmosphere (there was also a really hot guy checking me out sooooo…bonus point!).

I had to go to work after but it was absolutely fine, I was actually glad I had that instead of going back to bed.

It went by super quick and I finished in time to catch the sunset from a new spot. It was walking distance but my short legs and I would’ve missed it had I walked there, so I actually caught an Uber to make it on time and it was the best £5 I ever spent! (it was THAT nearby)

Walked home afterwards to make up for that lazy – but necessary! – ride and it was just so blissful! No one around, that gorgeous sky and greenery for miles, Lissie singing my feelings on my headphones while I got to sing along as I  casually strolled and stopped to snap some #skyporn shots…I ended up getting lost at one point and taking a much longer route back but it was great! Because going off track really does pay off – at least most of the time.

Check in later,

xo travelling procrastinator


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